WMIRS 2.0 Status Updates #5 - 31 Oct 14

WMIRS 2.0 Status Updates #5 - 31 Oct 14

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All WMIRS 2.0 users:

Below is a list of WMIRS 2.0 issues that have been addressed/corrected since the last update. There have been several issues reported as a result of this weekend's exercise in Southern California; those have not been included here. Unfortunately, we have received mostly no feedback on estimate resolution dates but will continue to check as much as possible.

Released/Corrected during the week of 27 - 31 Oct 2014 (From NHQ)
e108 Batch Report now available.
e108 Flagged Emails – added the wing to the subject.
e108 FY15 Mission Batches are being paid.
Member Batch Report Email – Member Email Address and Phone Number now included. (NHQ FM Team Only)
Wing Report is now available.
Creation of Monthly A and B missions has been released to Liaison Regions.
Developed view for Wing Administrators to see their home wing on Mission splash page.
Corrected an issue where the release flight button was showing on the Air Sortie page for members of that sortie’s crew.
Corrected an issue that caused the left navigation to not show properly on mobile devices.
Aircraft log now displays the Hobbs and Tach totals at the bottom of the report.
Create bread crumbs throughout WIMRS 2.0 pages to allow for easy navigation. Ongoing
Enable email notifications. (WFA Flagged Emails) Ongoing – other notifications to follow (e108 approvals, FRO)

Current Tasks/Bug List (From NHQ)
Develop WMIRS 2.0 reports : Form 18 (Powered Aircraft Reports). ETA – 1 Nov 14
Develop WMIRS 2.0 reports : Form 18 (Glider Reports). ETA – 4 Nov 14
Develop WMIRS 2.0 reports : Mission Reimbursement Report. ETA – 7 Nov 14
Open up WMIRS 2.0 beta site to all members for training needs. ETA – 7 Nov 14
Migrate WMIRS 1.0 functionality(AC Scheduling, Maintenance Module) to WMIRS 2.0. ETA - Ongoing
Monitor Flight Release Process for sporadic bugs. ETA – Ongoing
Continue to address bug/glitches submitted via the helpdesk, and that also occur in the WMIRS 2.0 modules. ETA – Ongoing

The following is a list of bugs still pending resolution based on CAWG's Wiki and Submitted tickets with unknown resolution dates:
e108 Printable view is not printable
Aircraft Maintenance times not in sync with WMIRS 1.0
Some PDF files do not upload
Maintenance rate is incorrect on 108
Glider sortie closeout error
e108 approval process problems
Glider pilot/passenger role issues
Values not being saved in the unit logs
Ground sortie/Form 109 issues
Ground sortie debrief errors
All sorties for a pilot not appearing in e108
Flight release "no rule found" error
Discrepancy log on FRO screen error
Additional sortie types don't exist on sortie screen
No aircrew role for instructor pilot glider
No role for tow pilot on A20/B20 missions
Erroneous date entry on mission
Entering multiple sorties causes error
Status Board issues (too numerous to include single link)

This is a list of feature requests that we've asked for in WMIRS 2.0:
Day to Day FRO Module
Add additional columns to the sortie grids
Changes to Aircraft log report
Aircraft log doesn't show mission symbol
Crew position dropdown list expansion
No mission reports exist
Adding crews to a sortie before/after initial sortie creation
Add "release" to approval status
Add "submitted" to lodging request

Please direct any questions to wmirs@cawg.cap.gov.


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