Adding Sortie Files

Adding Sortie Files

Postby nluneau » 03 Oct 2014 14:38

In WMIRS to add sortie files such as the W&B perform the following steps:

1. Select Current Mission from right side menu
2. Select link in the Air or Ground column
3. Select the Edit link in the desired sortie
4. Select the Sortie Files link
5. Select the folder that corresponds to your file type
6. Choose your file and select Upload

When entering a ground sortie for a POV the system will ask for a *Upload Wing CC/IC Approval Document (.pdf, .png, .jpg). Since this is not required we suggest uploading the attached PNG file.
Not Required in CAWG.jpg
Not Required in CAWG.jpg (10.02 KiB) Viewed 14285 times
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