RON (Lodging and Meals) Reimbursement Process

RON (Lodging and Meals) Reimbursement Process

Postby nluneau » 27 Oct 2014 15:26

RON (Lodging and Meals) Reimbursement Process is as follows:

1. Sign in to WMIRS 2.0 at
2. Select the mission you are requesting RON by clicking on it in the Current Missions grid
3. Select Request RON under the Support menu on the left side.
4. In the Lodging Requests for Mission screen select the Edit link beside your name. If you cannot find your name: first ensure that you selected the correct mission, then contact your IC or Mission Manager.
5. Enter the Actual Lodging Cost from your receipt.
6. Upload the Receipt.
7. Enter your CAPID or the payee if different from yourself.
8. Select Pay to Member.
9. Select the Submit Request button.
10. Create e108. You may submit an e108 for RON separately, or together with your already submitted fuel reimbursement sorties.
11. From the Finance & Admin menu select Create e108, and Select your name from the pull down menu.
12. Select the link Approved Lodging/Per Diem
13. After reviewing your lodging request to ensure it is correct select the checkbox and select the Get e108 button.
14. If you want a copy: Either use the link for Printable Version or if that does not work right click in your browser to print the screen.
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